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Conciergerie Megève
Owner services

Whether you own an apartment, house or chalet in Megève or the Chamonix valley, you and your tenants will be treated to star-quality service.

conciergerie de caractere


Discover our concierge services for homeowners in Megève

Your property is unique and we’ll take care of it. You can count on Conciergerie de Caractère to meet and even exceed your needs and expectations.

The short-term rental market has grown rapidly in the past years and soaring demand has been accompanied by an increase in the supply of housing. In this increasingly competitive environment, it is becoming more and more difficult for owners to manage their short-term rentals. The expectations of tenant customers are changing, competition on booking platforms is increasing and being successful in short-term rentals requires high availability.

This is the reason for our existence, we take care of absolutely all the management of your short-term rental for you. We offer a complete concierge service: management of reservations, preparation and maintenance of accommodation, laundering, reception of visitors …


Taking pictures of your chalet, mazot or apartment and of the panorama. Professional quality photographs. Creation of the ad, communication with the traveler, management of reservations, update of the calendar 

Check-in Check-out

Contact with the traveler before his arrival in the mountains, welcome with presentation of the accommodation or chalet, reminder of the ancillary premises (garage, ski lockers, parking). Explanation of the operating instructions (unfolding the sofa, starting up household appliances, etc.). Leaving the premises with careful checking of the rooms, furniture and household appliances (checking the mattresses and the correct functioning of the sofa if used, etc.)

Cleaning of your chalet, mazot, loft or apartment

Conciergerie de Caractère is committed to fulfilling its mission, and performing this service efficiently, taking into account health measures to fight against covid19

Ventilate, clean, disinfect and check using our personalized checklist for each accommodation. 

We carefully prepare your interior for the reception of travelers.


Drop-off and recovery of bed and bath linen from a professional laundry . 

minor maintenance work

Intervention of our service provides in the event of a technical malfunction or for the maintenance of the surroundings of your chalet (landscaper, plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, chimney sweeper, etc.)

Monitoring and control of the work carried out.

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